Machine translation by Google

I came across this presentation on machine translation by Google. Food for thought, certainly.

  1. It’s 50 minutes long. I ain’t got the time to watch it.
    Life is short and then you die. And I’m almost 60.
    Did you watch it?
    If so, can you summarize???

    Best regards,

    Steve Vitek

  2. Well, the gist is of course that Google is getting better and better at MT. MT will be (and in part already is) an acceptable solution for low-quality translations, such as for tourism websites.

    I read somewhere that we as translators must fight this development at all cost – but I think that’s wrong as you cannot fight progress or technology. We just have to learn to live with it and stay creative. There is a niche for everything and everyone!

    I don’t think that high-quality, highly technical translations can ever be done by a machine. But who knows. 120 years ago we thought that humans couldn’t fly. Along comes a volcano, and we really can’t.

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